9 Qualities of an Aspriring CA


9 Qualities of an Aspriring CA









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Every CA student in India dreams of clearing the exams with the best possible rank and working with the best accounting firms in the world. They probably picture themselves in a posh corner office in one of the global offices of the big 4. You may be one such student with big dreams. 

However, to reach such high goals in life you need to have the right qualities. You see, the qualities of a person create the roadmap to their success. The better their qualities, the better the quality of their life.

Now let’s not worry about life itself and let’s worry about the qualities that you should possess to become a successful CA. We highlight here  9 time-tested qualities that have enabled phenomenal growth for some of the most successful CAs. These qualities will not only help you clear the exams with the best marks but also jumpstart your career in the best companies.

So, here are the 9 essential qualities that you should possess as a CA student if you want to be successful. 

Strong Communication

The first and foremost quality that you should possess is strong communication. Over the years we have seen brilliant CA students struggle tremendously due to poor communication skills. It is important to remember that one of the main aspects of your job is to converse with multiple people on a daily basis. Strong communication skills will enable you to effectively perform your job and not hassle yourself or your co-workers. 

So, if you are serious about making it big in the CA industry then you have to upgrade your communication skills, starting from today.

Analytical Skills

Analyzing critical data with an eye for detail can elevate your career prospects. As a CA, you have to deal with high volumes of documentation, sensitive data, and of course a lot of numbers. If you do not possess analytical skills then you will have a hard time-solving problem and reaching concrete solutions. 

One of the best ways to develop analytical skills is by understanding real-life scenarios. solving real-time issues. At IndigoLearn, we emphasize teaching our students using real-life examples to hone their analytical skills. We take a 100% practical approach to our courses. That’s why our students ace CA exams as well as their careers. We can ensure you will also get better.

Passion for Learning

As you know, there is a lot to study and prepare on your road to becoming a successful CA. If you lack the motivation and desire to learn eagerly then you will fall flat halfway through. You need to have a continuous burning desire to learn as much as possible.

This driving factor will enable you to go above and beyond your current standards of learning and accumulate large amounts of theoretical and practical knowledge. In fact, every high-ranking CA student has possessed this attribute from the get-go. That’s why they have achieved monumental results. You can do it too. Let’s start by reigniting your passion for learning.

Hard Work

In life, there is no easy route to success. Hard work is critical to reaching the goals that you have set for yourself. And without fail, hard work always pays off in the end. 

You will have a lot of hurdles in your CA journey starting from a huge pile of books to consume, exams to ace continued learning to stay ahead, and more importantly the constant pressure to impress. 

The only way you can go through all these phases is through hard work and passion. If you lack passion then your mind and heart will not oblige the hard work. So stay passionate about your CA journey and work hard.

Adherence to Ethics

Ethics define a person and most definitely their career. Over the last many decades, we have seen many CAs who have tried to game their career or break the rules resulting in utter disasters. Not only did it affect their career but it also affected many individuals involved with them and the society at large.

So, it is essential that you always adhere to the ethics to the dot. Contrary to the popular belief, having ethical standards gains the trust of the people around you; especially your bosses, mentors, and reputable CA members. That in turn will propel your career to places you have never imagined. 

But before we get there, let’s start by checking our ethical values and start practicing them.

Integrity & Confidentiality

Chartered accountants handle tons of confidential data on a daily basis. This data is critical to the well-being of the organizations they are associated with. Failure to stay confidential with the data can result in huge losses to the organizations. So, it is essential that you practice confidentiality. 

Integrity is also important as it refers to being accurate and honest in all your dealings. Hence the need to stay up front and straightforward when performing your duties. You will be held responsible if you do not remain integral to the duties and offices you hold.

Technology Adoption

There is no denial of the fact that technology is at the forefront of today’s CA world. Be it a local accountant firm on the corner of your street or the big 4, they all rely on technology for their everyday tasks. Technology not only improves the speed of getting work done but also improves efficiency. 

For example, Microsoft Excel is highly used in every branch of the industry. In fact, it is used to create advanced analytics and business intelligence platforms. So learning excel becomes critical to your career. To make things easier, we have created an in-depth course on excel that will definitely help you.

Likewise, it is necessary that you learn technology and software that are essential in the CA industry. Finance technology is on the rise and a lot of new platforms powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the financial industry. You should learn to adapt to these advancements at the earliest in order to gain a competitive edge in the industry. If not, you will struggle to scale faster in your career.

Time Management

We all know the famous quote on time. “Time is money. Don’t waste it” 

In the CA world time is of the essence and you are required to deliver multiple works within stringent timelines. You also have to come up with solutions for important issues within a limited time. So, learning to manage time remains one of the most important aspects.

Let’s take your exams for example. A failure to answer as many questions as possible within a stipulated time can result in lower marks. Likewise, if you waste time without studying, you will be unable to clear your exams with the best possible results. 

When it comes to your career, a lot of deadlines are to be met for the smooth functioning of a business. Your role as a CA and the timely work you produce towards a common goal of a project is crucial and it will have a great impact on making or breaking deals. They can also affect potential relationships between existing and future clients.

So learning to manage your time is extremely important in your role as a CA. 

Team Work & Networking

It may be the last but it is probably the most important. Throughout your career, you will be working with small and big teams. In fact, most of the work you do involves teams, and only rarely would you work independently. It is the need of the hour that you develop the teamwork mentality.

You may wonder, why should I work along with others if I am good at something? For an organization to succeed it needs multiple people who are good at different things and not just a one-person army. And well, as you start your career you will notice that it is only people at entry-level who are individual contributors. As you move up the hierarchy you will realize that the most important skills are working in a team followed by leading a team. CA Students get some exposure to teamwork in their articleship, but beyond that, they are not exposed to it in a structured manner - hence young professionals must not ignore teamwork/team building skills as they start their careers.

Also, a commonly ignored facet of a successful CA is networking. Contacts and connections with people in the same fraternity as well as outside the fraternity are very important. If you are in professional practice, you will get access to new clients and if you intend to pursue a job, such networks will probably help you with new opportunities or expose you to new industries and sectors. Hence do make it a point to attend conferences, events and be engaged with your local CA chapter/branch.

Start Practicing These Qualities from Today

These qualities not only enable you to build a successful career but some may also help you in succeeding in exams!!

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