Don't Worry about STAPLERS in your CA Exam!

Don't Worry about STAPLERS in your CA Exam!




Since yesterday, there has been a lot of talk around WhatsApp and Facebook groups regarding a point that students need to carry their own stapler in the examination. However, students should not worry about this as ICAI had never provided staplers at the examination halls even in the past.

Why staplers are not required?

  • ICAI provides a booklet of 36 pages neatly stapled and stitched. Most of the students do not write more than 30 pages. 
  • ICAI provides a strong thread to tie the answer books which is strong enough to retain the additional answer sheets.
  • Since the booklet size is 36 pages, a small stapler will not work. 

So, don't worry about the staplers-related announcements as it is nothing new for November 2017 exams.

Focus on your studies, prepare well and write well. Good Luck!



CA Suraj Lakhotia