The Unique You


Though humanity is one big family, there is something unique about each one of us; Something deep down within us that we all can sometimes feel, if we listen carefully.

The success you seek in life will be incomplete if you do not let this uniqueness within you unfold. This is the uniqueness of your personality, dreams, motivations, and of the path that you take to achieve your dreams. Even your setbacks and failures will be unique if you examine them carefully.

As a part of society, we  think and do things the way others do. Most of our goals and dreams are also inspired by phenomenal things which others have achieved in various aspects of life. Being unique does not mean making a constant effort to stand out and show the world that you are different or appear different.

It’s more about holding onto this idea deep within that though your destination might be similar to others, your journey will be different. Getting disheartened by constantly comparing your journey to others will limit your abilities to achieve your goals and also hamper your ability to be creative.

You might get lost in someplace where others move quickly or even find a shortcut when others struggle to move forward. None of the above two is better or worse than the other. Sometimes getting lost can also help you reach places where others have never been.

So stop comparing ourselves with other students. Do not try to become better than them. Forget about competing with others. If you seek phenomenal success, compare yourself with what you were yesterday instead of comparing yourself with others. Every day make an effort to improve yourself be it in academics, sports, or anything. When it comes to studies, find out what your weak areas/ subjects are, create a plan and practice daily to overcome these weaknesses. 


If this becomes a habit, you will soon see that you will leave the competition behind and get the success you deserve.


Supriya Samant is a Chartered Accountant. Before she dedicated her time in creating Antarlakshya in 2018, she worked for over 6 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited (PwC) and Mukund M. Chitale and Co. as a tax consultant for many global Fortune 500 companies. Supriya's expertise to guide and motivate students comes from her grounded nature and the ability to appreciate, nurture and celebrate people for what they are. Behind her calm yet warm demeanor lives an intense passion and a deeper calling to empower individual students to overcome the barriers within themselves and turn their dreams into reality. 

Supriya conducts a mentorship program with IndigoLearn and has helped hundreds of students in their journey. You can check out the details here 

Author CA Supriya Samant
CA Supriya Samant

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