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Tips from Rankholders - Do's & Don'ts for CA Exams! (CA Gaurav Anand AIR 2,11)


Tips from Rankholders - Do's & Don'ts for CA Exams! (CA Gaurav Anand AIR 2,11)




With just a few days to go for the Chartered Accountancy (IPC & Final) exams, we bring to you tips from Rankholders. 

Gaurav Anand (AIR 2 - CA IPCC & AIR 11 CA Final)

Before the Exams

  • Make point wise notes of all the important issues/adjustments for each chapter in case of practical subjects and list of subheadings for subjects like ISCA. This will prove to be of paramount importance on the day before the exam.

  • Get a minimum of 6-6.5 hours of sleep each day including the exam days at any cost. Your brain can function amazingly well when it’s not tired - so unknowingly this will fetch you more marks than reading for another hour or two.

  • Give an additional glance at the questions that you find tricky. This will boost up your confidence. The exact question might end up coming in the exam.

  • Do not ignore the basics/ fundamentals of any chapter by taking them for granted -you end up losing the crucial marks in those questions

  • Do not give up the rigour at the last moment by succumbing to internal pressure- be in the company of loved ones in this case and don’t worry- it is completely normal. 

  • Try solving one paper each (at least practical subjects) to practice performing under pressure

  • Do not try learning or practicing something new resulting from a discussion with a friend (unless it’s really something you ought to know) - these are causes for decrease in confidence

During & After Exams

  • Enter the exam hall with your in its best possible state. You will answers to questions you would otherwise have not solved. Receive the paper from the invigilator with a ‘ I Know All’ attitude

  • Avoid speaking to fellow examinees before the start of the paper- another cause for decrease in confidence

  • Try your best to figure out which question to leave in choice in the furst 15 mins or try to narrow it down to two.

  • If an answer seems to be getting absolutely weird, go ahead and finish the answer in the known steps no matter what it comes up to be.

  • Do not talk to anyone after coming back from the exams on call etc. You should have a well documented plan of what exactly should take place in those hours so that you have no time to worry or inquire.

CA Suraj Lakhotia
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