A small request

I usually keep ICAI study mat in front of me when I am listening to lectures here. It sometimes so happens that Anwesh sir is jumping from Benefits of ERM to BP risk & control in next lecture, whereas in institute book there is Diagramatic representation of BP in between. So Sir skipped topic 1.7 (ofcourse he will teach us in a later lecture, I understand) for now and moved on to topic 1.8 from 1.6. Now i am all over the book.. where is this "BP risk and control". So wouldnt it be more convinient for us students if the ICAI mat's topic number was mentioned in video title like this: 22. Business Process Risks & Controls (1.8) My request is just to change the titles of the lectures (only for theory subjects) to enable us to refer the icai book, if it is possible.

Kumarjit Dey

Kumarjit Dey

CA Inter


08-Apr-20 20:32


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Hi, We value your suggestion and will consider implementation.

Suraj Lakhotia

Suraj Lakhotia


10-Apr-20 12:33