App issue

2-3 mint tk video play hoke fir app khud hi close Ho ja rhi h... Kl rat se ye issue aa rha h... Pls help someone asap... As today's the last day of free lectures.. And as of now, I can't afford to buy any lectures....

roshni kotwani

roshni kotwani

CA Inter


15-Nov-20 15:06


Answers (1)

Open the website in safari browser and you should be able to access Please try the below troubleshooting steps, it usually works. Also, note that the downloaded videos if any will get deleted in the process. 1. Uninstall the app 2. Restart phone (Important step, clears a lot of issues) 3. Install app Also, check if there are any OS updates available. If that does not work, please share a screen recording taken from another phone and share it will us at and ensure the file size is <20MB

Sriram Somayajula

Sriram Somayajula


15-Nov-20 15:24