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Is IndigoLearn planned to release CA final course for May 2021 Exam... If it is so it will be great..

frank joseph

frank joseph

CA Final


24-Jul-20 18:56


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Thanks a lot for your question. For May 2021 all subjects of CA Final will not be possible. We are working on 2-3 subjects, but recording has just commenced or will commence shortly. We will be able to give a more definitive timeline in a couple of months on which all subjects will we be launching and by when would the videos be out

Sriram Somayajula

Sriram Somayajula


26-Jul-20 07:15 innovative and interesting study. We're just waiting it to have for CA final too

sashanka sashu

sashanka sashu

CA Inter


29-Jul-20 09:47