Whether a chairman is counted as a member for considering quorum and whether he has voting right in AGM?

Shinisha Rose

Shinisha Rose

CA Inter


21-Jun-20 13:20


Answers (1)

Yes, a chairman of meeting is elected from the members on the basis of raising of hands. Therefore he is a member. Also, the chairman of the company need not be the chairman of the meeting. For eg: Mr. Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman of Reliance Industries Limited. But it is not necessary he is the Chairman of the AGM of Reliance Industries Limited too. Pertaining to count for quoram, he is counted since only post setting quoram is the chairman elected. He does get to vote on an agenda. One special feature is that if there is no clear decision on a vote (That is, there are equal votes against and for an agenda), then the chairman gets the deciding vote.

Suraj Narayanan

Suraj Narayanan

CA Final


21-Jun-20 17:51

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