Commencement of business

1.Declaration by director and 180 days is oly fr clause a or both a & b. 2. Third point mentions no declaration within 180 days filed then they'll initiate action fr removal of the name? What if verification of registered office is not submitted. 3. What do u mean by removal of name of co from ROC. How is it different frm winding up of company.



Shruthi V

Shruthi V

CA Inter


13-Nov-20 00:39


Answers (1)

1. 180 days is only for a. 2. Verification of registered office is covered u/s 12 3. Removal of name means the company's name would not appear in register of companies. This will eventually lead to winding up of company

Suraj Lakhotia

Suraj Lakhotia


13-Nov-20 09:10