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The following data is given, based on 450 students for marks in Statistics and Economics at a certain examination Mean marks in Statistics =40 Mean marks in Economics =48 S.D. of marks (Statistics) = 12 Variance of marks (Economics) =256 Sum of the products of deviations of marks from their respective mean = 42075. The average marks in Economics of candidates who obtained 50 marks in Statistics is (a) 45 (c)54 (b) 54.5

Sai G

Sai G

CA Final


27-Mar-23 14:43


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Answer is 54.5. First find correlation coefficient which will come out to be 0.49. Based on this, find regression equation of Y (Marks in Economics) on X (Marks in Statistics). which will be Y = 0.65X +22. Substitute X = 50 and then calculate Y. Try this, if any doubt remains, feel free to mention here.

Sahibdeep Singh

Sahibdeep Singh


29-Mar-23 12:54

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