I have an interesting question on AS 9 for you.

Daikin Ltd sold an air conditioner to Mr Y for Rs 57,000 on 01/01/2020. The customer was informed that the AC would be installed on 07/01/2020 and installation fees would cost an extra 1,500 rupees. The customer agreed. Daikin Ltd also got the customer to enter into an AMC with the company for 3 years. The AMC, costing Rs 5,700, promised 1 free of charge maintenance every year for next 3 years. Discuss how should Daikin Ltd account the above figures for year ended 31/03/2020.

Kumarjit Dey

Kumarjit Dey

CA Inter


07-May-20 20:22


Answers (1)

Sale of AC accounted in for year ended 31/3/20 in full Rs.57,000 as seller has transferred the property in the goods (significant risks and rewards in ownership) to the buyer for a consideration Installation fees accounted for year ended 31/3/20 in full Rs.1,500 under Completed Service Contract Method as rendering of services under a contract (only for installation) is completed. AMC charges Rs.5,700 should be accounted under proportionate completion method, that is spread over the period of AMC. The proportionate amount related to 2019-20 should be accounted for the year ended 31/3/20

sudha reddy

sudha reddy


08-May-20 14:08

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