Incorporation of company

1.Name change of co. is not allowed if the co has failed to repay matured deposits, debentures right. Why oly matured? 2.change of registered office frm one state to another oly will lead to alterations of MOA right? 3. What do u mean by the sentence MATTERS AS TO WHICH THE MEMORANDUM IS SILENT CAN BE DEALT WITH BY THE ALTERATION OF ARTICLE..? 4. Fresh certificate of incorporation is given oly when there is change in name & domicile clause only right sir?

Shruthi V

Shruthi V

CA Inter


13-Nov-20 01:21


Answers (1)

1. Matured are due for payment. 2. Yes 3. If MOA doesn't specify certain aspects, the same may be done by altering AOA. 4. Yes.

Suraj Lakhotia

Suraj Lakhotia


13-Nov-20 09:02