Individual topic

Can you again provide the offer called individual topic ? Because it is very much useful and the rate is also manageable to buy Please provide its my humble requestð?¤?

Prathip T

Prathip T

CA Inter


04-Apr-20 08:13


Answers (3)

Before one month to exams

Mirjavalli Shaik

Mirjavalli Shaik

CA Foundation


04-Apr-20 09:23

Regret to Inform you that purchase of individual modules has been disabled till latter part of May. We usually permit purchase of individual modules only in the last 30 days before exams. This time, because of the lock down, we allowed students to buy individual packs in March itself. Now that exam dates have been announced , we have 80 more days for exams, we are no longer selling individual modules. We shall restart selling them in the latter portion of May 2020

Sriram Somayajula

Sriram Somayajula


04-Apr-20 11:48

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