In case If ultra vire act .... Moa And Aoa Are Public documents .. Assume lender lends Money ultra vire to the company ...( Directors are liable )  But but .. what about MoA ....because borrowing power of director is clearly mentioned in this document So how can a lender lends ultra vire loan ... 2.Company will say it is ultra vire so we can, t ratify it .. Director, s will say that it is lender, s fault who doesnot Read The Well as Moa... 3.if comapany can, t ratify it even with unanimous vote then how in exceptions it can by altering articles

Zeeyan Koka

Zeeyan Koka

CA Foundation


18-Nov-20 09:36


Answers (1)

Shareholders can ratify by amending articles if they wish to.

Suraj Lakhotia

Suraj Lakhotia


18-Nov-20 17:05