Not being able to answer easy True or False Mcqs bcz of too much information.

When there is a however situation possible in a particular statement. The answer can be True or False depending on the fact if you considering the exception to the statement. I solve the hard questions correctly but easy questions are harder to answer I feel. What would you suggest the approach should be while answering True and False Questions. I have attached an example. When I read the question the first thing came to my mind was that auditor should not go for the opinion but first discuss it with Management and that's why I selected FALSE.


Screenshot_20201216-223444_1FIN by IndigoLearn.jpg

Kaveesh Sethi

Kaveesh Sethi

CA Inter


16-Dec-20 22:42


Answers (1)

You will get hold of it with practice and revision.

Suraj Lakhotia

Suraj Lakhotia


17-Dec-20 09:29

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