Problem facing in audio

Sir i am facing a lot of audio distortion whenever i increase the audio speed from 1x to any further speed. What can be the issue? Please guide.

Divya Naik

Divya Naik

CA Inter


31-Aug-20 22:56


Answers (3)

We have generally seen this issue on some devices. Our videos are all encrypted and DRM protected. Since the decryption takes a certain amount of CPU/RAM and + speed increase enhances that use, and some devices are not able to handle that well. Even youtube videos without encryption face this issue in some devices, and DRM encrypted face it somewhat more. Currently, there is nothing that can be done to resolve the issue in your laptop. Please continue watching at 1x speed or try checking on a different laptop.

Sriram Somayajula

Sriram Somayajula


01-Sep-20 09:12

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