Thank You So Much

Thanks a lot #Indigolearn. I had enrolled for group 1 CA Intermediate with Indigolearn. And I cleared my group 1 with exemption in Paper 1 Accounting and Paper 3 Corporate and other laws. Thanks a lot for the guidance. Each and every concept is taught with utmost clarity. Looking forward for other courses from Indigolearn. #ThankYouIndigolearn

Srimathi Ram

Srimathi Ram

CA Inter


08-Feb-21 19:39


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Thanks a lot Srimathi - Congratulations !! & all the very best

Sriram Somayajula

Sriram Somayajula


08-Feb-21 20:01

When dedication meets with right guidance, winners get created automatically. More wins to follow. Congratulations and all the best !!

frenil dsouza

frenil dsouza


09-Feb-21 23:23