There are 85 solved questions for Advanced Accountancy

Question 1. Do they cover ALL of the Institute's study mat questions? Question 2. If I post a question from elsewhere, which is not covered in the video, because I have a query and am not being able to solve it, how promptly will I get the solution for it? I am looking forward to purchase Adv Accountancy and EIS,SM lectures so please answer me.

Kumarjit Dey

Kumarjit Dey

CA Inter


04-Apr-20 10:41


Answers (1)

1. 90% of all questions in study material are solved - few repetitive or extremely simple questions will be left out 2. We will give you conceptual clarity and respond to specific aspects of an external question in which you have a doubt. But we will not provide you with full exam style answer for the external questions that you come up - you can post them here in the forums or you can email us such questions at our ID

Sriram Somayajula

Sriram Somayajula


04-Apr-20 11:46