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3rd All India CA Mega MCQ Championship | Results Announcement

12-Apr-23 17:46



Congratulations to those who participated in the MCQ Championship held yesterday (11 April 2023). Detailed performance analysis had been shared on your email ids. Below are the names of All India Rankers.

We are also happy to announce the scholarship awards indicated below the AIR list. 

CA Foundation

  • AIR 1 | Abhay Kumar Singh | Phone # 88XXXXXX96 
  • AIR 2 | PJ Sire | Phone # 94XXXXXX79
  • AIR 3 | Samyuktha Kabilan | Phone # 73XXXXXX92
  • AIR 4 | Hiboos World | Phone # 79XXXXXX43
  • AIR 5 | Sathyapriya Bhat | Phone # 87XXXXXX33

CA Inter (AIR 1-7 have not been considered for the Group-wise topper list) 

  • AIR 1 | Davamani | Phone # 99XXXXXX95
  • AIR 2 - 6 (Same marks) | Vinit Sharma (#96XXXXXX80), Noor Singla (#78XXXXXX48), Thasneem Banu (#89XXXXXX21), Sharma Vinit (#96XXXXXX96), Sajeetha R (#63XXXXXX04) 
  • AIR 7 | Sarthak Aggarwal | Phone # 99XXXXXX95
  • Group I Toppers - Saravanan Murugan (#88XXXXXX27), Hanok Ambati (#97XXXXXX91), Rohit Suthar (#89XXXXXX29)
  • Group II Toppers - Manas Chawla (#96XXXXXX02), Mohan Krishna Devarasetty (#93XXXXXX65)

CA Final (AIR 1-5 have not been considered for the Group-wise topper list)

  • AIR 1 | Tripura Allam | Phone # 83XXXXXX42
  • AIR 2 | Priya Gehlot | Phone # 70XXXXXX76
  • AIR 3-4 (same marks) | Nidhi Singh (# 88XXXXXX04), Sai Pramod (# 95XXXXXX04)
  • AIR 5 | Prateek Gosh | Phone # 88XXXXXX09
  • Group I Toppers - Indu S (#88XXXXXX54), Vijay Balaje (#88XXXXXX88)
  • Group II Toppers - Selvakumar Tamilarasu (#99XXXXXX31), Subash Karthick (#99XXXXXX39)

Scholarships For AIRs

The scholarship award is in the form of a percentage OFF on purchasing our CA courses. The award remains valid till 20th Apr 2023. To claim it, reach out to our support team at 9640 11111 0 or and share your analysis PDF + mention the subjects you want to enroll. 

  • AIR 1, 2, 3 – 50% OFF
  • AIR 4 to AIR 10 – 30% OFF
  • AIR 11 - AIR 20 - 20% OFF 

Our courses provide you with everything you need to succeed in CA Exams - Unlimited views to engaging videos, printed books, mock tests, periodic live sessions/special WhatsApp groups, Forums, MCQs, Free Resources & much more!  

Congratulations once again to all those who participated. Let us know in the comments below how was your experience. Thank you! 

Team 1FIN


Sajeetha R

Sajeetha R

13-Apr-23 12:14

Thanks for conducting MCQ test, it helps to develop time management in attending each question

Radhika Bajaj

Radhika Bajaj

12-Apr-23 19:52

This MCQ Championship was very helpful to know where you stand and to prepare accordingly , now just give your best in exams guys because our mentors are giving their 100% .ALL THE BEST.

Tripura Allam

Tripura Allam

12-Apr-23 19:51

If you let us know how many students have participated it will be a better basis for comparison

Sivakumar M

Sivakumar M

12-Apr-23 19:09

Thank you so much Suraj sir for conducting this Meha MCQ test. This helps me a lot for being pro active while attending.

Harish Kumar

Harish Kumar

12-Apr-23 17:57

Its a good idea, and it also helpful to students financially because there are some students who are financially weak but sound in knowledge . I wish the team to support the students with new initiatives and many more....

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