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How to utilise the next 40 days effectively for May-23 exams?

23-Mar-23 16:37



Key takeaways from the live session that we conducted yesterday. We are thankful to Kiara Swan for effectively summarising the discussion for revision. Full video can be accessed here -

01. No need to do PHD at this stage, we don't need to be expert, all we need is working knowledge of the subject.

02. Utilise the time in hand, stay away from social media . 2 hours saved on social media can help you get 80 hours extra

03. Rather than solving each and every question, Your approach should be exam oriented while revising.

04. Don't refer to new notes at the last moment as it will only add to your confusion.

05. Try to complete 100% syllabus as it might help to fetch extra marks in a subject

06. Practice MCQs from ICAI MCQ booklet and IndigoLearn MCQs section

07. Getting 60+ marks in every subject might be difficult, so focus on your strengths.

08. If you are scared of a particular subject, then try to give it at least one hour everyday

09. Feeling scared or anxious before exams is normal, Take deep breathes. 10. The only trick to remember more is to revise more.

11. Prefer RTPs over MTPs. But you should write one MTP per subject.



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