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Quizzathon Results Announcement | Congratulations to the winners !!

01-Jan-21 12:34


We are happy to announce the winners of the 'Quizzathon - the Live MCQ quiz' held on Dec 31st 2020. The winners are:

CA Foundation 

  • Winner | Aman Mahajan | Phone #  96XXXXXX25 | Cash Prize - Rs.3,000
  • 1st Runner up | Mohan Krishna | Phone #  90XXXXXX27 | Cash Prize - Rs.1,000

CA Inter

  • Winner | Anish Kumar | Phone #  82XXXXXX08 | Cash Prize - Rs.4,000
  • 1st Runner up | Avinash Suresh | Phone #  80XXXXXX52 |Cash Prize I Rs.2,000

Dear winners - our team will get in touch with you tomorrow i.e Jan 2nd 2020 for payment of prize money.

iCash for Top 25 scorers 

We are also happy to announce iCash worth Rs.500 for each of the top 25 scorers in Foundation  & Inter. This iCash can be used any time over the next 2 months to make purchases on our app / website. Congratulations to you folks as well! It was a tight contest and you did well.





Gandlapati Hari Reddi

Gandlapati Hari Reddi

01-Jan-21 13:31

Sir, how much did they score?

Shahid T

Shahid T

03-Jan-21 12:38

How can see my result

Nithin Raj

Nithin Raj

04-Jan-21 11:27

Hello. How can I view and analyse my answers and score ?

Ramya Kamasani

Ramya Kamasani

04-Jan-21 19:43

We have suggested ans for this exam

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