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Track Articleship Leaves | Compute excess leaves | CA Final Exam Eligibility

02-Jan-20 15:33


Now you can track your Articleship leaves on the go. You can compute excess leaves and know your exam elibility.

Visit "Leave Tracker" option in the left menu.

Demo available here

#New Feature


Priya Pawar

Priya Pawar

04-Jan-20 16:05

Weither taking leave for examination we have to continue after 3 years articleship Or Institute give any conssision for these leave

Suraj Lakhotia

Suraj Lakhotia

06-Jan-20 15:52

Leave taken for exams are not counted as leaves. So if you have exams from 1st to 15th , these 15 days will not be counted as leaves.

Priya Pawar

Priya Pawar

08-Jan-20 20:17

Thank you sir

bharath kumar nagamalla

bharath kumar nagamalla

14-Jan-20 02:09

Will it automatically eliminate all bank holidays and sundays in calculation sir

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