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Accounting Standards - CA Inter (New) Group-I,II

Sathya Raghu
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Course Length: 34 hours

Course Subscription Validity: Till May-2020 Exams

Why should I enrol for the course?

      • The course will prepare you for Accounting Standards in CA Inter Group I & II Examinations (except AS3 & AS14).

Who should enrol for the course?

      • Those pursuing CA Inter (New) Group I & II.

Course Details:

      • Course length: 34 hours
      • Number of views: Unlimited
      • Notes provided: Yes, in PDF form; available under the resources section inside the course
      • Viewable on Desktop/Android App/iOS App: Yes, our courses are accessible on both
      • Queries/Help on subject: Students can reach us by -
        • Clicking on the 'Help' button on the portal
        • Sending an email to
        • WhatsApp us @ 9640-11111-0

Demo of AS 26:

For more demo videos, visit our youtube channel - IndigoLearn


Here is the course outline:

1. AS 1

Disclosure of Accounting Policies

2. AS 2

Valuation of Inventories

3. AS 4

Contingencies and Events Occurring after the Balance Sheet Date

4. AS 5

Net Profit or Loss for the period,Prior Period Items and Changes in Accounting Policies

5. AS 7

Construction Contracts

6. AS 9

Revenue Recognition

7. AS 10

Property, Plant and Equipment

8. AS 11

The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

9. AS 12

Accounting for Government Grants

10. AS 13

Accounting for Investments

11. AS 16

Borrowing Costs

12. AS 17

Segment Reporting

13. AS 18

Related Party Disclosures

14. AS 19


15. AS 20

Earnings Per Share

16. AS 22

Accounting for Taxes on Income

17. AS 24

Discontinuing Operations

18. AS 26

Intangible Assets

19. AS 29

Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets

20. Applicability & Non-Applicability of Accounting Standards

Applicability & Non-Applicability of Accounting Standards

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