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Pavan Kumar
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Course Length: 17 hours

Click on the link below to enrol in this course for Nov-20 exams.

Why should I enrol for the course?

  • The course will prepare you for Statistics in CA Foundation Examinations.

Who should enrol for the course?

  • Those pursuing CA Foundation.

Course Details:

  • Course length: 17 hours
  • Number of views: Unlimited
  • Notes provided: Yes, in PDF form
  • Viewable on Desktop/Android App/iOS App
  • Queries/Help on subject: Students can reach us by -
    • Clicking on the 'Help' button on the portal
    • Sending an email to
    • WhatsApp us @ 9640-11111-0


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Here is the course outline:

Notes - Statistics

14.0 - Statistical Description of Data

15.1 - Measures of Central Tendency

15.2 - Dispersion

16.0 - Probability

17.0 - Theoretical Distributions

18.0 - Correlation And Regression

19.1 - Index Numbers

19.2 - Time Series

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