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Expert Faculty

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Complete Success Package

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What is ACCA?

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA is a globally recognized accounting qualification offered by ACCA Global, UK

It provides unlimited career opportunities with MNCs and Big4s

A course which you can complete along with your graduation

It has 2 lakh + members & 5 lakh + students across 180+ countries

ACCA - Eligibility

To appear for the ACCA course examination a candidate should have

Qualified the 10+2 exams

An aggregate of 65% in Mathematics / Accounts and English and a minimum of 50% in other subjects

Others can still register for the ACCA course with Foundation in Accountancy (FIA)

What will you Learn in ACCA?

3 papers

Knowledge Level

Business and Technology (BT)

Management Accounting (MA)

Financial Accounting (FA)

6 papers

Skill Level

Corporate and Business Law (LW)

Performance Management (PM)

Taxation (TX)

Financial Reporting (FR)

Audit and Assurance (AA)

Financial Management (FM)

4 papers

Professional Level


SBL - Strategic Business Leader

SBR - Strategic Business Reporting

Two out of the following

Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

Advanced Performance Management (APM)

Advanced Taxation (ATX)

Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

Our Approach


Expert Faculty

Regular Classes

Exam Oriented Content

Dedicated Discussion Forums

Continous Support


Exhaustive Q & A Bank

1000s of MCQs for practice

Tests at regular intervals

Mock Exams

Analysis of Answer Sheets

Success Oriented

Business Communication

Resume Building

Negotiation Skills

Mock Interviews

Placement Services


(Available against few qualifications from accredited institutions)

QualificationPapers ExemptedPapers to write
10+2NilAll 13 papers
B.Com*4 – BT, MA, FA, LW9
CA (Inter / IPCC)5 – BT, MA, FA, AA, TX8
CA9 – Knowledge & Skill all papers4

*B.Com students can claim exemptions subject to accreditation of College / University. Check for your college / university (

ACCA Added Advantage

Enroll for 1 and get 3 Degrees

Oxford Brookes University

B.Sc (Hons) in Applied Accounting

Oxford Brookes University

ACCA student can gain international graduation qualification in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University after completing Skills and Ethics Module by submitting the research and analysis project report.

University of London

M.Sc in Professional Accountancy

University of London

ACCA student can get a Masters Quailification in Professional Accountancy after completing Professional Level by completing 2 modules and 1 capstone project

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Placement assistance Resume Building

Resume Building

1FIN provides professional guidance to help you create an effective resume to help you create a lasting impression.

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Career Counselling

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We will give you an edge over others with our direct corporate affiliations which will ensure that you are placed right.

ACCA Employers

Know More About ACCA

Thumbnail for video titled What is ACCA ? A brief Introduction | 1FIN by IndigoLearn


What is ACCA ? A brief Introduction | 1FIN by IndigoLearn

Thumbnail for video titled Know more about Syllabus, Scope and career opportunities for an ACCA | 1FIN by IndigoLearn


Know more about Syllabus, Scope and career opportunities for an ACCA | 1FIN by IndigoLearn

Thumbnail for video titled Exemptions in ACCA


Exemptions in ACCA

Thumbnail for video titled How is ACCA different from CA


How is ACCA different from CA

Thumbnail for video titled Is ACCA easy than CA?


Is ACCA easy than CA?

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Job Opportunities for ACCA

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ACCA Entrance Process

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ACCA Mode of Exams

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How Expensive is ACCA?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Course Details

ACCA is commonly referred to as Global CA. ACCA qualification is offered by 'Association of Chartered Certified Accountants', a professional accountancy body recognized globally over 178 countries.  It has more than 2 lakh members and 5 lakh students.

For ACCA qualification, there are 3 steps after registration: (i) Pass 13 exams over 3 levels - Knowledge Level (3 papers), Skill level (6 papers) and Strategic Professional Level (2 essential subjects and 2 out of 4 optional subjects). (ii) Complete Ethics and Professional Skills Module of 15hrs involving 10 units. (iii) Gain 36 months of supervised experience. This should be in the relevant role of accounting or finance involving nine performance objectives. Experience can be gained prior to registering with ACCA, while you are studying for the exams or after you have completed the exams. You can gain experience in different roles and with different employers.  (CA articleship Axperience is considered as Practical Experience Requirement). To know more, Subscribe and watch the YouTube videos on our channel

Knowledge Level BT – Business Technology MA – Management Accounting FA – Financial Accounting Skill Level LW - Corporate & Business Law PM - Performance Management TX - Taxation FR - Financial Reporting AA - Audit and Assurance FM - Financial Management Strategic Professional Level Essentials (2) SBL - Strategic Business Leader SBR - Strategic Business Reporting Electives (2/4) AFM - Advanced Financial Management APM - Advanced Performance Management ATX - Advanced Taxation AAA - Advanced Audit & Assurance 

10+2 with an aggregate of 65% in Mathematics or Accounts and English, and a minimum of at least 50% in all other chosen subjects.

If all levels are taken, then it can be completed within 3 years. But it depends on the student and the number of papers one attempts at each exam cycle.

Yes, you need to register with ACCA.

You need to complete foundation level and skill and professional level exams. It can take 4 to 4.5 years

Yes, CA articleship  is considered good for ACCA’s 36 months practical experience.


Register on ACCA global. The application process will take around 10 minutes to complete.


Registration fees £30, Exam Fees - Knowledge level £84 per paper, Skill level - £129 per paper, Professional SBL -£227 and other papers - £162 per paper. The fee increases for late applicants. The fee for EPS Module -£ 71. In addition to the exam and tuition fee, the yearly annual subscription fee will be £116. Tuition fee is extra and will be as charged by the ALP (Approved Learning Partner) i.e. a coaching institute like 1FIN. So, it might cost Rs. 3 - 4 lakhs for all three levels and if after CA inter or graduation Rs.2.5 lakhs and CA Final Rs.1.5 lakhs. Students can get upto 85% discount on exemption fee when they register through an ALP like 1FIN.


ALP are Approved Learning Partners. They are approved tuition providers recognized by ACCA, who apart from providing high quality tuition to ACCA students also provide fee concessions, student support, placement assistance and regular timely updates from ACCA.

You will get fee concessions if you register through an ALP.


All those countries which have adopted IFRS or have international operations like in India, UK, USA, Singapore, European countries, etc., would be beneficial for ACCA professionals.

ACCA has a dedicated placement portal where jobs are listed by approved employers. Check on  ACCA Careers for more guidance and help.

An ACCA has access to international opportunities and placements with MNCs and Big4s.

It depends on the company and employer. On an average, it can range from Rs.6 lakhs to Rs.8 lakhs

Yes, you can directly apply for overseas jobs.

ACCA vs other courses

ACCA allows exemptions at knowledge and skill level exams when a student has already you completed CA Inter or CA Final. CA articleship is considered for ACCA’s practical experience requirement. By additionally clearing ACCA’s professional level exams, you can have two professional qualifications and get greater opportunities

Yes, you can also claim exemptions after completing inter / final. Exemptions are available for Knowledge and skill level papers only, there are no exemptions for strategic professional level

 It depends on the aspirations and goals of the students for the choice of course to be made. The best part about ACCA is that there are no restrictions on doing CA, CMA or CS along with it. You have to get clearance from these institutes, if required. Eg: Form 102 from ICAI for pursuing a course in parallel.

It depends on you. If you have time and appetite for more exams of ACCA, along with CA final exams then do it after Intermediate. But if time is a limitation and stress is a relevant factor, do it after CA final, that way you could complete your articleship and count it as PER

Please subscribe to ACCA by 1FIN and watch

Yes, you can claim exemptions - all 3 papers in knowledge level and 2 papers of skill level

CMA (India) covers costing and management subjects mostly and ACCA covers finance and accounting subjects. There are few common topics. The job roles depend upon the area of practice of the professionals. Cost and management accountants can take up roles of financial accountants, financial risk manager, consultant, performance manager, and cost accountant while ACCA professionals can work as chief financial officer, auditor, finance manager, forensic accountant, management accountant, tax specialist and corporate treasurer. Qualified CMAs qualified are exempt nine subjects in ACCA. In ACCA, job experience of 36 months is mandatory for the membership. For ICMAI 15 months of articleship training is mandatory.

You can do both together. You can get exemptions in ACCA if you do CA, CMA. Articleship will be counted as PER in ACCA. There is demand for all professional coursess, but ACCA has an added advantage of international recognition as well as opportunities.

Register on ACCA Global website and claim exemptions for CA Inter (if completed) at the time of registration. Plan at least 2 exams in a cycle and 8 exams a year. Submit articleship for ACCA’s 36 months of PER.

It depends on you. But if one is claiming exemptions then preferably after CA, as you would get 2 levels exempted and 3 years of articleship would be considered as PER under ACCA. It is highly recommended to do the full course, without claiming exemptions, to get the full knowledge expected out of an ACCA professional.

Broadly, topics are common but the overall syllabus and the criteria for testing the students are different.

Both ACCA & CPA have a differing recognition, number of papers, eligibility, opportunities and prospects. CPA is preferred primarily by USA based organizations and ACCA by middle east and UK based.

 It is recommended to have different classes for ACCA and CA. CA coaching will not suffice for ACCA as the approach towards the exam is completely different.

Exams & Exemptions

ACCA exams are Computer Based Exams (CBE).  Knowledge level papers and the Law paper from Skill level are for 2hrs and are objective type, other 5 papers in Skill Level are for 3 hrs and have objective and subjective elements. Professional level papers are 3.25 hrs /4 hrs scenario-based exams.

Knowledge level papers are on demand CBEs, which can be taken any time of the year and the other two levels are CBEs which are scheduled 4 times a year - March, June, September, December.

Exemptions can be claimed at the time of registration based on the student's qualifications at the time of registration for ACCA. Subsequent exemptions are not available

There are no exemptions from ACCA for completion of class 12th . When one completes CA Inter, exemption can be claimed for 3 knowledge level papers and 2 papers in skill level i.e. Audit and Taxation papers.

CA Foundation - Nil; CA Inter - Full knowledge level, Audit and Taxation at skill level; CA Final - Knowledge and Skill level fully exempt

6 papers - full knowledge level and at skill level 3 (Law, Audit, Taxation)

Yes, one can write all papers without claiming an exemption. Claiming exemption is the prerogative of the student.

4 papers usually - 3 knowledge level papers and law in skill level

Papers have to be attempted level wise. One must clear Knowledge level first, Skill level next and then the Professional level papers last. But within a level, students can choose which paper to attempt first. It is recommended that a student completes the EPS module before attempting strategic level papers

An ACCA student can attempt a maximum of 4 papers in a cycle and a maximum of 8 papers in a calendar year.

Practical Experience

No. ACCA will accept the 3 years of articleship as 36 months of PER.

Yes, it will be considered good for PER.

Yes, if it is in the relevant field and certified by a supervisor.

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