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Videos are accessible through our Android app 1FIN and our website Our e-learning modules are streamed online. The videos can be played just like one would play videos on YouTube/Amazon Prime.

Yes, you need an internet connection to access the videos.

Offline viewing is available on our app 1Fin. You can download the videos and play through our app (as you do in the case of Netflix/Amazon). You need an internet connection (less than 100kb) to authenticate the playback request.

You can view the courses on two devices - 1. On our app 1Fin - Using a mobile or tablet 2. On browser - Using a laptop/computer

We have an app - 1FIN and it is synced with the website and all features available on the website are available on the app. App has additional features like Forums, MCQs. The app can be downloaded by clicking

No software needs to be downloaded on a PC / laptop to view our courses on a browser. You can log in to our website on any browser (firefox and chrome preferred) and watch our courses. Please note that if you start watching our courses on a chrome browser, you have to continue watching only on the same browser on the same PC / laptop and cannot change either browser or PC.

Our courses play on all popular browsers - we suggest that you use either Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.

Send us an email to and we shall respond to you with the process after understanding your issue

Currently, we do not offer any Pen Drive / Google Drive / SD card classes - all our classes are streamed online only.

We have various quality settings available on our video player on the app as well as the website. At lowest quality, 1 hour of video consumes 150 Mb and at the highest quality setting 1 hour of video consumes 300 MB

No. We allow access in one Browser playing device and one App playing device. It could be a combination of Mobile + Tab + PC + Laptop.

No - That is prohibited. The system continuously monitors user access and if we come across any such instances, in line with our terms we shall block your ID and not refund your course fees.

We provide access till the end of the exams of a particular course. E.g.: Nov attempt courses are valid till the end of Nov Exams.

Yes, you can watch on the app during your travel and on your PC / Laptop / Tab on a browser once you are at home or in the office - the entire progress is synced.

No that is not permitted. Only one browser in one PC / Tab / Desktop

You can watch an unlimited number of times as long as you are the only one watching it. The system tracks user access and If we get to know that you are sharing your PCs / IDs we shall block your account and also not refund your course fees.

You require an internet connection for the first 4-5 seconds after you click on the play button on the downloaded videos. As soon as the video starts playing, you can be fully offline and the videos will play. This 4-5 seconds of internet access is required for validation and will consume <100KB of Data. We are working to make the videos accessible fully offline, but it will take time and we shall update you as and when we have that feature ready.

No. Downloaded videos do not play after the course expiry.



Yes. All the money needs to be paid upfront. We have credit card-based EMI solutions (provided by banks/credit card issuers) and you can check them out on our payment page.

No, we do not provide a no-cost EMI option.

Sometimes due to failure at your bank end or at the transaction processor end ( GPay / PhonePay/ UPI) or at our payment gateway end, the amount may be debited from your account but the course may not get activated. In such scenarios, we reconcile the amounts and activate the course. Usually, the transaction gets reconciled and money is either credited back to you or received by us within 5-7 days.

We offer payment through all Debit cards, Credit cards, Net banking, UPI, GPay, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, LazyPay.

We suggest that you do not transfer money in any such mode for your own safety. We are not responsible for any such transfers you make to people unknown to you.

Yes, we allow the use of international cards on our payment gateway.

We have listed our courses with some third parties. However, please do note that w.r.t any such purchase of course from a third party, only after we receive money from the third party, we shall activate your course. Also w.r.t payment failures etc you have to follow-up with such a third party only and not with us.

Transaction history is available for all your purchases. For courses purchased before August 10, 2020, and are deactivated on or before August 10, 2020, no transaction history is available. For all transactions on the web post-August 10, 2020 transaction history will be available on the app / web.


We have a No Refund policy. Fees paid once will not be refunded.


We do run offers periodically and you may use any such offer codes to avail discounts. You can also reach out to us on our WhatsApp number 9640111110 to know about the latest offers.

iCash is a reward point that we allot to the user. The iCash can be used to redeemed to make fresh purchases on the app/website. You can earn iCash by referring friends, making purchases, reviewing CA Firms, reviewing courses, and burning points. You can know more by visiting the iCash / Points page once you create a sign-in and login into your account.

Points are earned when you respond to student queries on Forums or answer MCQs on the app. These points once accumulated can be burned and converted to iCash. The conversion ratio of points to iCash is completely random.

iCash is valid for 1 year, iCash earned via burning points is valid for 6 months. Points are also valid only for 6 months.

We would like you to refer your friends and in order to encourage referrals, we reward you with iCash for every friend who creates an account / installs our app, or makes a purchase from us. For every friend that you refer you get Rs.20 iCash and for the first purchase that they make you will earn Rs.200-500 iCash depending on the value of their purchase. They also get Rs.250 iCash when they login in with your referral ID. More details are available on our Refer & Earn page -


We engage with faculty who are teachers by passion and also possess the requisite qualifications and experience to teach their requisite subjects. You can check our faculties at -

At the moment no direct interaction is permitted. Faculty do respond to queries posted in forums.

We primarily have recorded classes, though we do conduct YouTube live classes periodically for resolving doubts / for the purpose of revision.

Other than YouTube live sessions, at the moment we do not conduct any live classes. If and when we do it, the same shall be clearly spelled out in the course description.

We are India's First e-eLearning player that is focused only on Finance & Accounting domains. We are fully online - we do not have any physical classes. We do not have any live zoom classes as of now - however we sometimes do YouTube live sessions to clear student doubts / for revising concepts - Such YT live dates are widely publicized on the app well before the date.

Yes, the content is updated. If some portions are not, we give a clear disclosure of the same on the course overview page along with a time frame for updation.

You can check them on our courses page -

These are topic-wise modules that we offer to students one month before exams. Students can enroll only those topics which they need to study, instead of buying a full course.

You get video lectures with unlimited views, notes, thousands of MCQs, doubt resolutions facility, and 1 exam quality mock test.

Under the Free notes & Resources section

MCQs can be accessed on our app

Yes - as of now we conduct one mock test. This is fully online and more details can be obtained by visiting the Resources page in our app.

No, we do not offer that at the moment. We may think about it in the future and will let you know as and when we launch it.

Yes, we have several free videos that you can access once you create an account on our website or app. In addition, demo videos on several topics are available on our YouTube page.

These details are available on the respective course page.

Our videos are studio-recorded and are designed specifically for e-learning. Consequently, not only do we get a chance to teach in the simplest way possible, but we also edit a lot of unnecessary time that is usually present in classroom recorded videos.


For technical queries email us at | For subject related doubts/queries please post in forums on our APP 1FIN | For sales-related queries send us a Whatsapp message at 9640111110

We resolve doubts over forums on our app. If we are unable to resolve through forums, we will get in touch with you either by email or as a last resort by a phone call.

Forums are places where students can network, solve doubts and also seek subject-related information from us.

Irrelevant posts in or posting of fake news, or posts on matters that could incite religious passions or posts on anti-national matters/matters relating to pornography / cyber stalking, etc., will not only lead to your account being disabled but also could lead to prosecution under relevant provisions of the Indian laws.


Videos will play on all devices. However, if playing on Mobile, the Android version should be >= 5.1, and the iOS version should be >= 11

Sometimes videos buffer due to cache issues; please clear the cache and they should work.

Might be due to a cache issue, please clear the cache and it should work or try in a different browser.

It is a generic network error (most likely the device was having internet connection issues while playing the video). Please restart the phone and see if it works. If you are trying to play an OFFLINE downloaded video, then the error 5110 comes if the downloaded files have been moved or deleted directly, for e.g. by using a file manager app, etc. Please delete the downloaded video, and either download again or stream directly, it will work.

Error 5161 occurs when you are attempting to play, offline encrypted videos stored in your device that are deleted. You might have accidentaly deleted those files from your storage through a file manager or any such other app. Please upgrade to the latest version of app 1.20, delete the videos where you see 5161, stream directly, or download again.

Please try below troubleshooting steps: 1. Settings -> Applications -> 1FIN-> Storage -> Click on 'Clear Storage' and 'Clear Cache' 2. Restart phone 3. Start the app

Error 6120 is a temporary network error, should work on retry. Try playing the videos with stable internet connectivity and it should work seamlessly. If you are still facing the issue, please send an email to with the following details: 1. Screenshot of the error 2. Visit in your phone browser and share a screenshot of it. 3. Are you facing this issue for all videos or some videos? 4. Has it started recently and you were able to access it earlier?

This occurs when you try to play an offline video, whose keys have expired. The issue usually arises if you have downloaded the video before extending a course. Please delete the downloaded video and download it again or steam directly.

We have generally seen this issue on some devices. Our videos are all encrypted and DRM protected. Since the decryption takes a certain amount of CPU/RAM and + speed increase enhances that use, and some devices are not able to handle that well. Even youtube videos without encryption face this issue in some devices, and DRM encrypted face it somewhat more. Currently, there is nothing that can be done to resolve the issue on your laptop. Please continue watching at 1x speed or try checking on a different laptop.

Send us an email to and we shall respond to you with the process after understanding your issue.


Sharing of IDs, multiple people watching the courses, recording of courses, displaying of our courses publicly or privately, to people who have not purchased our constitute a violation of our IP. We take such violations very seriously and will pursue all legal options to the fullest extent possible to ensure our IP rights are protected at all times.

Email us at

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