Frequently Asked Questions

Videos are accessible through our Android app 1FIN and our website Our e-learning modules are streamed online. The videos can be played just like one would play videos on YouTube/Amazon Prime.
Yes, you need an internet connection to access the videos.
Offline viewing is available on our app 1Fin. You can download the videos and play through our app (as you do in case of Netflix/Amazon). You need internet connection (less then 100kb) to authenticate the playback request.
You can view the courses on two devices - 1. On our app 1Fin - Using a mobile or tablet 2. On browser - Using a laptop/computer
We have an app - 1FIN and it is synced with the website and all features available on website are available on app. App has additional features like Forums, MCQS. App can be downloaded by clicking
No software needs to be downloaded on PC / laptop to view our courses on browser. You can login to our website on any browser (firefox and chrome preferred) and watch our courses. Please note that if you start watching our courses on a chrome browser, you have to continue watching only on same browser on same PC / laptop and cannot change either browser or PC.
Our courses play on all popular browsers - we suggest that you use either Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser.
Send us an email to and we shall respond to you with the process after understanding your issue
Currently we do not offer any Pen Drive / Google Drive / SD card classes - all our classes are streamed online only.
We have various quality settings available on our video player on app as well as the website. At lowest quality 1 hour of video consumes 150 Mb and at highest quality setting 1 hour of video consumes 300 MB
No. We allow access in one Browser playing devide and one App playing device. It could be a combination of Mobile + Tab + PC + Laptop.
No - That is prohibited. The system continuously monitors user access and if we come across any such instances, in line with our terms we shall block your ID and not refund your course fees
We provide access till end of exams of a particular course. E.g.: Nov attempt courses are valid till end of Nov Exams.
Yes, you can watch on app during your travel and on your PC / Laptop / Tab on a browser once you are at home or in office - entire progress is synced
No that is not permitted. Only one browser in one PC / Tab / Desktop
You can watch unlimited number of times as long as you are the only one watching it. The system tracks user access and If we get to know that you are sharing your PCs / IDs we shall block your account and also not refund your course fees.
You require an internet connection for first 4-5 seconds after you click on the play button on the downloaded videos. As soon the video starts playing, you can be fully offline and the videos will play. This 4-5 seconds of internet access is required for validation and will consume <100KB of Data. We are working to make the videos accessible fully offline, but it will take time and we shall update you as and when we have that feature ready.
No. Downloaded videos do not play after course expiry