CBSE Class XI Introductory Microeconomics - 2023-24

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Why Demand Curve Slopes Downwards?


Elasticity of Demand

The e-learning modules cover only 40% of 100 marks paper "Economics (030) "The course has been created using CA institute material and for students pursuing CA Foundation / Inter. The problems, illustrations, exam paper questions, etc all are from CA Material. The course is designed to help students in CBSE Class XII to prepare for their Class XII CBSE board exams along with CA Foundation exams simultaneously. Concepts covered in these modules are similar to what is taught in CBSE Syllabus; However, no questions/problems have been specifically taken from the CBSE prescribed books. The eventual questions asked in CBSE boards could vary from what is taught here – students are advised to take note of the same.

CBSE Syllabus – Economics- Syllabus 22-24

Following aspects from the CBSE syllabus are not covered in these modules:

  • Part - A - Statistics for economics - fully NOT covered
  • Part - C - Project Work

The course is valid till 31st March 24. 

What you'll learn?
  • Introductory Micoreconomics
  • Theory of Demand & Supply
  • Types of Markets


This course is taught by 1 expert faculty.

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Frenil is a Chartered Accountant & a passionate faculty who influences students not only in their core curriculum but also in their ability to think out of the box. He has prior experience in the field of audit & ERP implementation. Classical guitar playing and traveling are his prime hobbies among many.


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