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Forum Leader of the Year 2022 | Nov 22 | Dec 22



We are pleased to announce 'Shankari C' as the Forum leader for the year 2022. Heartiest Congratulations!

Forum Leaders for the month of Nov & Dec - 22 are given below. We thank each student who has taken time out to help fellow students and also learn in the process. 

Top 5 Forum Leaders - Dec 22

First name Last Name Points Rank
Shankari C 870 1
Yashwanth Kumar 570 2
Yamuna S 550 3
Sugam SM 495 4
Gaurav Choubey 330 5

Top 5 Forum Leaders - Nov 22

First name Last Name Points Rank
Shankari C 760 1
Balachandar S 220 2
Somiya  A 215 3
Mansa Tutlani 195 4
Gaurav Choubey 170 5


The top 3 contributors have been awarded Amazon Vouchers of Rs. 250 each.


There is also an award for the Year's Leader at the end of December 2023. So what are you waiting for? You could be the featured leader next month. You can check your current rank by clicking on Trophy inside Forums. 

How to earn points?

1. Answer forum topics

2. Best answers get bonus points

P.S - We actively moderate forum threads and will delete any response which does not add value to the question/discussion. 




Sugam SM

Sugam SM


What did yearâ??s leader receive?

Suraj Lakhotia

Suraj Lakhotia


Amazon voucher - 500

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