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Important | FAQs on Articleship Leave due to COVID Lockdown | No Impact on attempt eligibility

08-Sep-20 16:50


In the FAQs released by ICAI, only the part pertaining to absences between 24th March to 3rd May is of significance. One good thing is that the attempt will not get delayed due to excess leave. The rest part is as good as a mutual decision between the Principal and the Articled. 

Absences from 24th March to 3rd May

  • Counted as leave if the candidate is on examination leave
  • Not counted as leave otherwise

Absences from 4th May to 31st August

  • In the following cases will not be treated as leave if articled assistant is working from home due to 
    • The residence of the article is in Containment Zone
    • Office of principal is in Containment Zone
    • Non-availability of Public Transport
    • Complete/Partial lockdown in states
    • Candidates are required to abide by the instructions of the Principal
  • If instructions of the principal are not abided by the articles, the period will be counted as leave. 

There will be no impact on eligibility/attempt due to excess leave arising out of leaves during the period between 4th May 2020 and 31st August 2020. 

Candidates must serve excess leave arising out of the above under the same Principal.

Stipend will be decided mutually between the Principal & Articled Assistant. 



Umamahesh T

Umamahesh T

08-Sep-20 18:12

If articles who can't do work from home due to non availability of systems and couldn't go to office due to non availability of public transport Will that treated as leave

Suraj Lakhotia

Suraj Lakhotia

08-Sep-20 18:39

Sadly, ICAI did not think through such instances. You need to convince and talk to your Principal.

Prateek Gupta

Prateek Gupta

09-Sep-20 11:02

hmm..unn students ka kya jo nov 19 m pass kr chuke hn inter nd fee pay kr chuke the it oc k lie nd march se unka batch tha but covid ki vjahh se wohh batch join nhi kr paaye so that ofc bhi ni jaa paaye....inke 6 months ka kyuu nhi kia kuch icaii ne ???... bola toh tha ki sbke lie krnge till wait for FAQ notification...but harsh truth iss bina fail hue bhi 6 months le lie icai ne â?¹ï¸?ð??­

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