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May-24 Exams - Important Points to Keep in Mind

22-Feb-24 14:30



Based on 1000s of queries received on forums , youtube and whatsapp following the is summary which covers major aspects. If you have any further query, you can leave a comment in the respective youtube video or below this news. 

  1. You can make exemptions availed in May 22 permanent. Watch this video to understand the process.
  2. Select the correct unit 2D or 3 as applicable if you have cleared Group 1 or Group 2. There is no need to mention any exemption obtained if you have cleared the group. Mention exemptions secured in a group that you have not cleared
  3. Unit 2D/3 passing criteria - 40 each and 50% aggregate - watch thisis video to know more. 
  4. For CA Final students exemptions work on paper to paper basis as normal exemptions. 
  5. Exemptions secured from Nov-22 till May-23 will be considered in aggregate and offsetting marks between groups. 
  6. If you have availed permanent exemption, you need to secure 50% marks in remaining papers of the group. For the purpose of aggregate set off with another group, the permanent exempted paper will be considered as 50 marks. 



Poluru Penchalaiah

Poluru Penchalaiah

23-Feb-24 21:41

Cleared grp-1 in July 21 and got exemption in Advance accounts in May-23 again got exemption in FM in Nov-23....can I get take FM exemption I May-24 and I need to write Audit paper

CA Suraj Lakhotia

CA Suraj Lakhotia

28-Feb-24 09:10

You need to write 2D- FMSM and Audit. FMSM is not exempted for you.

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