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Questions for Faculty: EIS Chapter -2 |YT Live on April 2, 2020 at 4.00PM

01-Apr-20 15:47

Students are requested to post their questions in Chapter 2 of EIS In comments section of this update. EIS Faculty CA Anwesh Shetty will try and cover the important ones in his YouTube Live session to be held at 4.00 PM tomorrow ( April 2, 2020, Thursday ). We intend to make the live session on Ch 2 i.e Financial & Accounting Systems as useful as possible to the students.

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Edwin jees

Edwin jees

01-Apr-20 16:02

Audit of ERP systems



02-Apr-20 11:50

What is business intelligence and related concepts ?

Trishna Upadhyay

Trishna Upadhyay

02-Apr-20 13:05

amendments for june 2020