10 Tips on how to Study for CFA - The Last Lap Does Matter!!


10 Tips on how to Study for CFA - The Last Lap Does Matter!!








CFA L1 exams are just around the corner- from August 22nd to 28th.

Few suggestions to students from my side:

1. Seek atleast a 7-day exam leave from your employer or university
2. Study 4 hours per day till your leave begins & 8-10 hour per day in the leave period
3. Please utilize all weekends till exam date effectively.
4. Concentrate on at least 2 full revisions & one free CFA institute mock test before the exams - preferrable that candidates attempt both the free mocks
5. Note down tricky stuff in mocks & make a mental note of twists in the questions
6. As you revise, make brief notes of formulae
7. Revise the formulae every day till exam date
8. No point writing extra paid mocks now
9. Please sleep properly the night before exam
10. Get used to calculator - carry an extra battery to exam hall

If you are well prepared, then spend this time in revision and taking mocks. Try the extra practice test bank (paid) that the CFA institute is offering.

If you have enrolled with us at 1FIN by IndigoLearn We provide you with free access to Kaplan Schweser's original mocks and Q bank with over 3500 Questions.

In addition, if you are unclear in any topic, you can click below and enroll for specific chapters with 1 month access😀

All the very best - The Last Lap Does Matter!!

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