5 Tips to overcome Board Exams Stress and Anxiety


5 Tips to overcome Board Exams Stress and Anxiety











Board Exams, these two words can quickly bring down the happy vibes in a matter of a few seconds. Such is the fear around Board Exams. Even the most 'chillax' student crumbles with fear on hearing these words. Exam stress is unavoidable; we have all been through this fearsome period.

You're not alone, look around, all your peers are preparing for the same battle and going through similar exam anxiety. "Don't stress yourself," easier said but difficult to avoid. We understand.

While you can't avoid your board exams what you can do is fight this uninvited exam anxiety. Imagine yourself as a surfer; you can't ignore that massive wave, either you ride it like you mean it, or get washed down to the shore. What do you want to do?

There, you got a little motivation.

Now, let us help you with the exam stress that you're feeling right now. Here is a handcrafted list of tips that will help you combat board exam stress and anxiety.


1. Are you a night owl or an early bird?

Often students confuse that burning the night oil will help them finish the syllabus. But not all of us are nocturnal, while your friend feels more focused at night that might not be the case with you. It is important to know more about your time of the day. Think like a vampire - which is your strong hour (a little humor doesn’t cost much)? Prepare your time-table accordingly, depending upon the times that suit you best.

"Share your time table with me,” do not make the mistake of following a time table made by someone else for you including your parents. You're a different individual with different needs and style of learning.

Make your own time table. Divide time according to the subject's difficulty. Here is a quick tip, start with the subject/topic you fear the most; this way you will be relaxed and more focused for the rest of the subjects.


2. Prepare notes - make acronyms

For commerce students, divide your accounting questions on the HOTS (High Order Thinking Skills) basis. These questions must be answered with great diligence. So, make a note of HOTS questions from different subjects and come back to them once you're finished with the lighter topics to have ample time and focus on working on them.

Study becomes fun exercise when you start implementing fun ways to study. You feel comfortable with acronyms, then, use them in your difficult chapters. Make acronyms, notes in your own way - be it a poem, an acronym or even a song. This practice helps saves times, as you can go through your self styled notes during revision rather than the whole chapter.


3. Set separate time for clearing doubts with friends

It is difficult to get back into the rhythm once you've received a call from a friend regarding his/her doubt about some other subject. Often you will find yourself brooding about unnecessary stuff after the call. Thus, set a fixed time to entertain a friend's doubts. Discuss the same with your friends regarding what time suits them and respect their timetable as well.


4. Take small outdoor breaks

Even if you're taking a break and sitting in your study room, you're still sitting in the same air full of exam stress and anxiety. Make sure that you spend some time outdoors - take a walk, meet a friend or just enjoy a warm plate of Maggie. Fresh air spaces your mind and also helps reduce anxiety. Come on we all know the benefits of little exercise - we shouldn't be reminding you of that.


5. Take care of your diet and health

Skipping meal will not help you learn quickly. Subconsciously you will still be thinking about what your family is having for dinner. Enjoy a hearty meal and do not forget to snack in between your study time. Forget about putting on weight, you'll get ample time to reduce that weight after your exams. So right now, eat right.

These points are not something you have not heard of before. But understand, that we know what you're going through right now and want to help you in whatever way we can. So buckle up soldier and remember this too shall pass.

There is always a new beginning after an end. Your board exams will set pavement for your new journey. For those of you who have made up your mind to pursue chartered accountancy, then, you’re in the right hands. Reach out to IndigoLearn for a new age chartered accountancy classes.

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