Clarification about applying nov 2020 CA foundation

I have already applied may 2020 ca foundation exam.  But unfortunately, due to covid-19 situation ICAI cancelled may 2020 exam and merged it to nov 2020 exam.  I am not clear about applying nov 2020 exam. Because many of our teachers and students saying, we dont need to apply again because may 2020 was merged with nov 2020. So I am not not clear about that. Do I need to apply for nov 2020 ca foundation exam again as a fresh application? or No need to apply again who all are already applied may 2020 exam.  Please clarify my doubt as soon as possible. 

Magesh Magi

Magesh Magi

CA Foundation


28-Jul-20 06:29


Answers (1)

You need to apply again. Pls refer to FAQs in news section.

Suraj Lakhotia

Suraj Lakhotia


28-Jul-20 07:20

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