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Information Systems

What is this wordings? Redundant processors allow errors to be detected and corrected. How come redundant processor detect error if its not working in the first place? Anyone clarify this.


Sugam SM

Sugam SM

CA Inter


19-Jun-23 18:59


Answers (1)

Hello, Okay, imagine you and two of your best friends are in a classroom. Your teacher gives you all the same math problem to solve. You all start working on the problem at the same time, and when you finish, you each write your answer on a piece of paper. If all three of you have the same answer, you're confident that it's correct because it's unlikely that all of you would make the same mistake. This is how the computers with redundant processors work - they do the same job and compare results to make sure everything is correct. But what if one of you gets a different answer? Well, if two of you have the same answer and one of you has a different one, it's pretty clear that the one different answer is likely a mistake. The two same answers are probably correct because it's unlikely that two of you made the same mistake. This is like when one of the redundant processors makes an error, the computer can still figure out the correct answer by looking at what the majority of processors say is correct. So having your friends help you with the math problem is like having redundant processors in a computer. It helps you catch mistakes and make sure you're doing things right! PS: Redundant does not mean it is not working, it means the same thing is done multiple times. Sometimes one may feel by doing the same thing multiple times we are wasting the resources but it helps to detect errors if any.

Anwesh Shetty

Anwesh Shetty


20-Jun-23 09:17

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