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Pg no: 6.19 Illustration: 4 In notes to accounts I have doubt in "issued, subscribed and paid up account". * In pref shares how comes 12000 as shares issued other than cash. * And in eq shares 180000*2.50=450000 then how comes 460000. *And how comes 84000 as shares issued other than cash. Video Details P1 - Advanced Accounting (New) - Without AS Accounting for Reconstruction of Companies 14. Illustration 2 - Part 3


Priya Ravi

Priya Ravi

CA Inter


20-Feb-24 20:09


Answers (1)

1. Preference shares - shares issued against loans 2. 184000 x 2.5 = 460,000 Share issued for other than cash against loan, preference share capital,

CA Suraj Lakhotia

CA Suraj Lakhotia


23-Feb-24 12:11

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