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Who is a bona fide purchaser?

Nidhi S

Nidhi S

CA Foundation


26-May-23 23:10


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If sale is completed then buyer becomes owner Buyer sells the goods to other person Such prison is called Bonafide purchaser And he is not having any defects about previous title Incase of bailment owner ship is not transferred then bailie is not possible to transfer title to bonafide purchaser

Modugula Narasimha Chowdary

Modugula Narasimha Chowdary

CA Inter


26-May-23 23:55

The person who acts as in good faith, without any notice of the real title over the purchased property. But purchases the property from a person who is not having a good title.

Yogesh Konduri NS

Yogesh Konduri NS

ACCA Knowledge


30-May-23 10:44

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