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An Important Step in Your CA Journey

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CA Inter Exam form filling is a very important step in your journey to CA inter examination. The last date for submission of exam form for CA inter December 2021 exams with late fee was 3rd October .

During the last few batches, we have found that a lot of students faced difficulty in navigating the online system effectively. A small mishap can delay the entire process. However, students who had to do the process again had to pay a late fee.

So, it is important to understand how the online process works and to be prepared for the upcoming batch of 2022.. Now before we get to discussing the process of filling the CA Inter exam form, let us quickly look at the eligibility criteria to appear for the test.

A Quick Look at CA Inter Exam Eligibility Criteria

Every student looking to fill the CA inter exam form should satisfy the following eligibility criteria.

  • The applicant should have cleared the CA foundation examination.
  • Graduates from commerce background should have aggregate of 55% and other graduates should have 60% from any approved university can enroll for CA Inter Exam 2022 under direct entry route.
  • Any candidates approaching the exam from the method of direct entry route should have cleared the ICMA/ICSI examination. To apply by the due date, they have to clear these exams before 1st March/1st September.

These are some basic eligibility criteria if you are looking to take up the CA Inter exam. Now let’s look at how to fill the form for CA foundation students and direct entry candidates.

How to Complete the CA Inter Exam Form?

When the ICAI exam site goes live in the next couple of months for the next round of CA Inter exams, you will have to first go to Once you get there, here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1 – Create your account in the ICAI exam portal

The first step is to create your account if you are a new user. It is a mandatory process. On the top right you will have the login/register option. Click on this option and enter your details if you have already registered.

In case you have forgotten the password, then click on the forgot password option and go through the process to generate a new password. Once you do that, you should get an email to your registered email id.

If you are creating a new account then you need to click on “New User Register Here” and enter the relevant details such as your student registration number (eg: CRO0654321), your date of birth, your email id, and your mobile number.

Ensure you check the email id entered is correct because the login information will be sent to this account and the associated mobile number. After you complete this process, you will get the details to your email id and you can log in using the same.

Step 2 – Filling the form

Once you log in to your account, you will find two boxes with related information.

On the left side, you will have your personal details such as registration number, upcoming exam type, email id, address, mobile number, and so on.

On the right side, you will find a box called “Apply and Track your application”. The first option in that box will be “Apply Online for IPCE_New – May/Nov 202X” with an edit option next to it.

You have to click the edit option and choose ok when you get the popup.

Now, you will have the exam application form displayed on your screen. Here are the various details that you should fill in the form.

  • Choose the English or Hindi medium.
  • Choose the appropriate option from the exam applied drop down, whether it is Group I or Group II or both groups.
  • Select the region and name of the examination center.
  • The next option to fill is the registration date of intermediate. If you have gone through a conversion process from the old scheme to the new scheme then you have to enter the date of the same.
  • After you enter the details, type in a 4-digit personal identification number of your choice in the PIN field. It will be very useful during the result time.
  • The next field to fill up is the entrance/foundation/PEE-I/CPT passing particulars. You need to choose the exam you passed from the drop-down options, enter the date, year, and roll number.
  • Now, you have to enter the details for determining eligibility. For new students, you can choose between CPT & 10+2 exam passed, PE-I, foundation, or entrance. For converted students, you can choose between IPCE/Intermediate (IPC)/ATC, Intermediate (Erstwhile), PE-II, or PCC.
  • If you are a graduate/post-graduate direct entry scheme candidate then you have to choose between registering for intermediate course, converted to intermediate course, or candidate who registered for erstwhile intermediate (IPC). If you are an ICMAI or ICSI passed candidate then you have to choose the relevant option.
  • If you are a partially passed intermediate candidate or erstwhile intermediate candidate then you have to enter the group-I and group-II details.
  • If there are any exemptions you have secured in intermediate (IPC), Intermediate, or ATE, then enter the details.
  • Finally, you have to click on the “I agree” button after reading through the declaration and click on “Save and Review”.
  • You will then get a summary of all the options and details you filled in along with the fee details. If you have made any mistakes then you can go back and make the correction.
  • If everything is correct, then click on “Final Submit” to submit the form.

Step 3 – Make the Payment

You will now be taken to the payment section where you will have your examination details and the fee to be paid.

Click on the “Make Payment” option. You will be taken to a payment gateway where you can select between multiple options such as Paytm, debit card, credit card, BHIM UPI, or net banking, and complete the payment.

Once the payment is successful you can download the PDF form and print it out.

Optional Step 4 – Attaching photograph, signature, and attestation

If the final exam form comes with your photograph and signature then you can end the process there. However, if you don’t have your signature or photograph on the form, then you will have to sign the document, paste your photograph, get it attested by a CA or a gazette officer, and send it to:

Additional Secretary (Exams),

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India,

‘ICAI Bhawan’, Post Box No. 7112

Indraprastha Marg, New Delhi – 110 002.

Now, the process is complete.

Additional Step for Direct Entry Candidates

If you are a direct entry candidate then on the ICAI exam portal click the green color option which says “November 2021 Exam Details”.

You will be taken to a declaration form with the new syllabus details and other important information of the CA Inter exam. You will have an option at the bottom to download the certificate of service.

This form states that you have gone through 9 months of articled training as of the exam date. You will have to fill in the various details of the certificate of service and get it signed by your principal.

This form is very critical if you are a direct entry student. Once you get this form, you may follow the same procedure mentioned above.

CA Inter Exam Registration Fee

Let’s have a quick look at the different fee structures that are available and how you should choose them.

Test Centers

Application Fee

For Indian Centers

Single Group / Unit 1 to 10 (except Unit 9) / Unit 4A to 7A

INR 1,500

Both Groups / Unit 9 / Unit 8A / Unit 9A

INR 2,700

For Overseas Centers – Excluding Kathmandu Center

Single Group / Unit 1 to 10 (except Unit 9) / Unit 4A to 7A

USD 375

Both Groups / Unit 9 / Unit 8A / Unit 9A

USD 500

For Kathmandu Center

Single Group / Unit 1 to 10 (except Unit 9) / Unit 4A to 7A

INR 2,200

Both Groups / Unit 9 / Unit 8A / Unit 9A

INR 3,400


It is important to remember these fees. If you are going through a late registration process then a late fee will be applicable along with this fee.

Admit Card for CA Inter Exam

After you have sent the form to the ICAI, you will get the admit card. This admit card is published at least 21 days before the examination. But most of the time, it comes earlier.

Now it is important to remember that admit cards for all candidates will be published on You should print/download the admit card from the website and there will be no physical admit card that will be sent to any candidate.

To download the admit cards, you should log in to your account and print the admit card from your dashboard. The admit card will have all the details such as personal details, time of reporting, exam center’s address, and so on.

It is important that you carry this admit card on the day of your examination along with identity proof.

Corrections of CA Inter Exam Form

There are multiple instances where students have made mistakes while filling the CA inter exam form. It is obvious that you will get incorrect details in your admit form if you have submitted incorrect details in the exam form. 

However, ICAI does provide the facility to correct mistakes, re-submit the form, and get a new admit card. Here’s the process to make the correction:

  • Login to your account.
  • Open the application form in your dashboard.
  • Click on make changes.
  • Make the necessary changes and submit the form.

If you are using application correction window-2 then make a payment of INR 1,000 to complete the process. If you are using correction window-1 then it is not required.

Once the corrected form is submitted, downloaded, and sent to ICAI, you should get the admit card before the exam starts.

Now Concentrate on Giving Your Best Performance

You are going through all these processes for one purpose only - to clear your CA inter exam with the best result.

It’s important to not lose focus during these essential hurdles. While they do take our energy and can sometimes add unnecessary tension, we should not forget the ultimate goal and always stay focused on the mission.

If you’re struggling with it, then we can help you. Our Indigo Learn team has been pivotal in excelling the careers of many CAs in the country. We would love to add another great story by assisting you.

So, do reach out to us today and we will gladly guide you through this tough phase.