CA Inter - Importance of MCQs

CA Inter MCQs: The Key To Clear Your Exam and Score Higher

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It is common in the CA student world to take CA Inter MCQs lightly. The notorious misconception is that “they are very easy” and so, they can be looked at at the last moment. It is certainly true that MCQs have only 30% weightage and they can be answered easily when compared to dominant subjective questions; however, taking MCQs lightly will probably be the biggest mistake that a CA inter-student can make.

What most students don’t realize is that CA Inter MCQs play an important role in the overall exam structure and they are the best way to clear your exam.

Unlike subjective questions which are tested in all papers, objective-type questions (MCQs) are tested only in four papers. If you are thoroughly prepared in these 4 papers, from every perspective, then you will certainly increase your chances of passing in the subject. Also, there are higher chances that you will score a higher percentage. This is why MCQs are critical for CA inter exams. 

They are also very practical in nature, so rote learning or memorization will not work. At IndigoLearn, we understand these insights, and to help the students, we have created 1000s of MCQs on our mobile application which trains them extensively. You can gain access to them too.

Which all subjects have MCQs?

In the meanwhile, let us quickly look at the 4 papers from which the MCQs will be taken. 

Papers Link to ICAI Case Studies & Material
Paper-2: Corporate and Other Laws
Paper-4: Taxation
Paper-6: Auditing and Assurance
Paper-7: Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management - Section A
Paper-7: Enterprise Information Systems & Strategic Management - Section B

These are the four papers from which you will have your 30% of objective questions. Of course, they are further divided into subjects and topics.

Quite a few of these questions will be case study based so they are very practical in nature. So, It is important that you understand every aspect of these papers clearly to get the best in your MCQs. 

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips to follow while preparing for your MCQs:

  • Positive First. First answer the questions that you are sure about, then move on to the less confident ones.
  • Adapt Speed. Speed is critical in MCQs. But to be faster you have to practice enough. You should be able to analyze the question faster and figure out the right answer.
  • True/False Test. Practice the True/False test when answering the questions. When you figure out the wrong answers then it will eventually lead to the right answer.
  • Read Carefully. Last but not least, you have to read the questions carefully because the answers are most probably hidden within the questions. 

Follow these instructions and you will be able to answer the questions effectively within a short time. Remember to practice as much as you can as it makes the entire process easier.

You can use our mobile app 1Fin to gain access to thousands of MCQs, through which you can practice rigorously. IndigoLearn’s MCQ library covers faculty created, past papers, latest amendments, RTPs etc. Make the best use of the chapterwise / comprehensive MCQ tests on 1FIN App or IndigoLearn website & gain confidence, knowledge, and tactics to clear your CA inter exam at the earliest.

Once again, do not take the MCQs lightly. You will be missing out on a great opportunity.

We wish you all the best.


1. Which papers are MCQ in CA Inter?

Paper 2, Paper 4, Paper 6, Paper 7 (section A and section B) are the papers from which you will get the MCQs 

2. Is there MCQ in CA Inter?

Yes, it carries 30% weightage.

3. Is the entire CA Inter exam in MCQ?

No, 70% of the CA inter exam is subjective and 30% objective. However, this 30% is very important to clear the exam.

4. Do CA inter MCQs carry negative marks for incorrect answers?

There is no negative marking in MCQs tested at CA Inter.