CA Inter Test Series

CA Inter Test Series

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You have laboured your way through the CA Intermediate Course; you have studied for hours, penned your own notes, maintained a strict timetable, and set your heart on acing your CA Inter Exams.

No matter how well prepared you are, it’s often easy to slip into the trap of self-doubt. 

“Will I remember everything in the exam hall?” 

“Have I covered everything important in the topic I finished last week?”  

“Have I left out anything by mistake?” 

“Am I revising the right way?” 

Hundreds of such questions might be running in your head when your CA Inter Exams are right around the corner. The only way to beat these fears and build confidence before the CA Inter Exams is to take mock tests. 

In this guide, we’ll talk about how writing CA Inter test series can make a world of difference to your CA Inter preparation.

1. Check your level of preparedness

Attempting mock tests can put all your doubts regarding your exam preparation to rest. Your performance in these tests gives you a reality check on how prepared you are and how much work is needed.

Also, your preparation may suffer from an unconscious bias or a liking towards a topic you’re good at. Taking up your favourite topics can be a good way to boost your morale every now and then. But when you do it too many times, there’s a risk of not paying enough attention to other topics that you might find uninteresting or difficult but are important nevertheless. 

Because mock tests cover the entire syllabus of a particular paper, it helps you clearly identify your strong as well as your weak areas in a subject. You can then work on the weaknesses to improve your overall performance.

2. Practise effective time management

CA Inter Exams, or any competitive exam for that matter, is a race against time. No matter how much you know, it all boils down to being able to put your knowledge to the paper within the duration of 3 hours. This is one aspect that most students — even those in their 2nd or 3rd attempts — might find challenging.    

CA Inter mock tests put your time management skills under the scanner and give you the much-needed practice to hit the finishing line within 3 hours during your final exam. 

3. Sharpen your exam strategy

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” — this sage advice from Benjamin Franklin holds true for CA Exams. Studying a vast syllabus and having your knowledge tested in an exam of 3 hours is no easy feat. You can’t just walk into the exam hall, write the test, and hope to pass with flying colors. You need a solid strategy for which parts of the question paper to attempt first, which questions to opt for, what order to follow while answering, and what approach will allow you to use your time optimally. Even if you have a blueprint in mind, you need to test it out in real life to see if it works for you. CA Inter mock tests give you that opportunity. 

Mock tests help you enhance your ability to think quickly under pressure and decide on how to handle the questions in your exam paper in the best way possible. 

4. Face your exams with more confidence

Nervousness and self-doubt can be your worst enemies. The only way to defeat these feelings and be more confident is to have an idea of the actual exam and what it’s going to be like. When it comes to replicating the exam environment and getting a taste of the real deal, there’s no alternative to mock tests. 

Writing mock tests is invaluable in weighing your accuracy in answering and time spent — the two most critical factors for success in CA Inter Exams. Therefore, when you score well in your mock tests, it gives you a boost of confidence.  

5. Get feedback and improve

One of the biggest benefits of taking mock tests is knowing where you stand in terms of your preparation. Now, this is where the need to take mock tests from a reputed institute like IndigoLearn comes in. 

You could certainly solve the MTPs and RTPs released by ICAI but the main difference is that you’ll receive the suggested answers of the papers you have given, not your answer sheet that has been checked by a second pair of eyes. 

By solving our CA Inter Test Series, you get the chance to have your answers evaluated by our team of CA experts and veterans and get detailed feedback. This type of dispassionate, unbiased, and objective checking helps to identify your mistakes and improvement areas, enabling you to fix the blind spots in your preparation.  

Key takeaway

Mock tests elevate the level of your preparation, presentation, and performance. The ideal time to work on mock tests is after you’ve completed your CA Inter syllabus and revisions with at least a month in your hand. But what if you still have a few topics left to finish? Even then, it’s better to take mock tests on the side while wrapping up the unfinished topics than skipping mock tests altogether. The benefits of solving mock test papers before your CA inter exams are far too great to ignore. 

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