How to get a Rank in CA Inter?

Strategies and plans that can help a student secure rank in CA Inter

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Essential Tips for Success

As a CA inter-student, one of the thoughts that are probably running in your head is “How to Get a Rank in CA Inter”. Of course, without a doubt, it’s the dream of every CA inter-student to get the best scores and achieve a fantastic rank.

But there is a small problem here.

A lot of students assume that clearing both groups in the very first attempt or securing a rank in CA inter is not their cup of tea. While we don’t deny that it is challenging, we do assure you that it is not that hard. 

And there is no magical formula or solution that helped all India rankers get the ranks. They were able to achieve these results with sheer hard work, focus, determination, practice, and more importantly, strategy.

Some time ago, in 2019, we had an interview with 2019 CA Final AIR #1 Praneeth and tried to understand his secret to success. While there are many things he shared with us, this one important secret stood out prominently.

“I am always thinking about my target percentage. If I get my target percentage then I will obviously get a rank.”

A simple yet absolute truth.

Just concentrate on your target percentage and you will get your rank.

This seems to be a common pattern among all top rankers. Instead of concentrating on rank, they flip the table and concentrate on getting their target percentage. While doing so they achieve great ranks.

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So, as interesting as it may seem, preparing for your CA inter exam with a strategy to attain this target percentage is not that hard. Let’s decipher some secrets and tips that will help you.

Prepare All the Subjects

Not preparing for all the subjects is a typical mistake that many students make. Most of them focus on only a few subjects and forget the remaining. However, every successful CA student and top ranker always suggests that you, “Prepare well in all subjects”.

Don’t leave any subject behind.

It is important that you go through every subject of Group I and Group II and then revise it as many times as possible. This will ensure you remember your concepts.

Ensure to understand the subject and not memorize things or practice rote learning. They will not serve any purpose. That’s why, at IndigoLearn, we concentrate on visual and practical-based learning to help our students understand the subjects clearly and perfectly.

It is important that you understand each chapter of every subject and retain the knowledge. Make a note of all the important words, jargon, and any other important phrases. They will certainly help you through the learning process.

Failing to prepare in all subjects will add unnecessary pressure and will affect your target. This is the first and the most important tip that you should seriously consider.

Prepare your own notes

This may seem obvious but the next most important tip is note-making. By carefully listening to the lectures and keeping notes of everything that you hear and understand is the best way to remember all the concepts.

It is understood that the CA inter syllabus is vast. Nobody denies it. We also just mentioned that studying all the subjects is essential. But how can you do it effectively, if you do not have an effective method?

This is where note-making comes into the picture. By far, the best and most successful method of retaining CA concepts has been taking notes from the lectures you hear. This method is as old as education itself.

It is also important to take your own notes and not borrow from someone else. In fact, if you put in the hard work and create your own notes, your brain will register the pattern in which you have made the notes and boost your ability to remember.

For example, using different colored pens to make notes will help you remember the learnings easier and recall them when required. Similarly, you can create flowcharts or even create simple diagrams to help you remember tough concepts for a longer period of time.

Honestly speaking, 99% of IndigoLearn’s classes follow a visual pattern where we break down tough concepts into simple illustrations. That’s why our students remember the concepts forever. You may check out some of our free lectures here.

Also, be proactive during lectures, do not waste your time. If you have any questions or have any doubts about the subject matter, reach out to your mentor or coach or you can also post your queries in our forums and ask for assistance.

Having notes will help you ask the right questions.

Learn and Practice MCQs

MCQs are the best way to score the highest marks and they are the gateway to get a rank in CA Inter. Excelling in the MCQs from the get-go will confirm the passing of the test and once that’s taken care of, you can start focusing on the subjective questions.

That’s why it is important to practice as many MCQs as possible.

While you may find ICAI’s MCQs, it is vital to practice more than what they give. Hence, we created 1000s of free MCQs on our  App 1Fin or website You can download it and practice MCQs until your heart’s content.

Practicing as many MCQs as possible will give you an upper hand during the test.

If you are looking for a rank, then you better get started with MCQs.

Take Timed Mock Tests

Among the many things that Praneeth shared with us during the interview mentioned above, one aspect stood out very strongly.

That is the timed mock tests.

He used to practice taking 3-hour tests in 1-hour; thereby increasing his speed and agility. He was also able to gain the confidence needed to clear the real test. You can also practice the same.

There are many question papers from the previous years that you can use to practice. Also, at IndigoLearn, we also provide mock test series that can help you practice and speed up this process. Check out the free resources section to find out more about past question papers / RTPs  & ICAI Mocks.

This is also where your notes will help you. So do remember to do this.

Have a Consistent Time Table

Putting in enough time and effort into the process is critical. You have to put in 12-13 hours of studying during the preparation months. So, plan your time table accordingly and execute.

Have sufficient breaks in between and have a good sleep cycle as well. It is also critical to put in 100% concentration during your study hours and not get distracted.

Avoid social media at all costs and concentrate on the timetable you have created.

You should also take weekly breaks and spend time with your family and friends. You need these quick short breaks to help you cope with the pressure. Schedule one day in a week where you will take a break and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

These breaks can also revitalize your brain and your body so you can continue the hard work again. We, at IndigoLearn, have created a study planner that will help you create a customized and dynamic plan do check it out here

Remember to Follow These Tips Religiously

Following these tips will help you gain an advantage and achieve the best rank possible.

As mentioned earlier, here at IndigoLearn, we have created some of the best interactive lectures for each and every subject of CA inter. Watching our CA inter video lectures and making detailed notes of the same will help you gain insights and remember the concepts longer.

So, earning a well-deserved rank is totally in your hands.

If you need any help, then we’re here to help you.